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CIO's and IT managers are becoming increasingly concerned about integrating and managing the spectrum of vertical applications within their businesses. When deploying multiple overlapping system components, they face significant challenges including controlling costs, ensuring operational resiliency and maintaining overall system security.

Application Design, Development, Deployment Management (ADAM)

Application Consulting and Management

We offer a suite of application management solutions and consulting services to support the enterprise in the designing, deploying, and management of applications. Leveraging our proven record of accomplishment with enterprise customers, we offer you and your business reliable application management and predictable costs while allowing you to refocus your internal IT resources on strategic initiatives such as application development. Our out sourced solutions encompass the entire application life cycle and enable you to selectively augment and extend the abilities of your internal IT department.

Development Services

Today's organizations require customized application software that cannot be addressed by existing Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software products that can address internal business requirements. We can create a powerful application that fully meets your needs. We fully support client-server architectures as well as web-based systems, using current infrastructure and back end databases such as Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server and others.

To completely meet your requirements, we interview key staff to fully understand the system model and the surrounding requirements. We then document all relevant processes and create requirement documentation. Then we develop an application that fulfills all the requirements. The next step is to create detailed design, test scenario and end-user documentation. The final step to our process is to ensure that the application will perform all its functions properly is to conduct exhaustive testing in multiple test and user environments.

Our application development services help clients streamline their workflow and integrate different tools into one centralized application. Our client's will also realize greater productivity and efficiencies in their operations.

Application development requires a broad range of capabilities. We employ a variety of skills including:

    Project management
    System analysis and design
    Software development
    Quality assurance
    Technical writing
    Application test design and execution

Application Design and Development

    Barebones development services
    Requirements driven on-call availability
    Complete application development and life cycle support

Application Architecture Review and Assessment:

    Network architecture review
    Application security audit
    Proactive and Reactive Problem Resolution:
    Application build
    Application migration
    Release management
    Staff augmentation
    Emergency recover

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